Square mirror

A simple mirror with a perfectly matched pure oak frame, which
fits elegantly and balances the space. Crafted with precise lines,
the square frame subtly fits to the flawless mirror giving it a simple
yet intriguing touch.

Designed in a classic style with subtle nuances of sophistication,
it adorns every wall like a work of art. Available in two sizes, it is the
right choice for every home. It is easily combined into a modern, classic, but also stylish interior, because it harmoniously combines the depth of space with elegance.




Oak / Steamed European Walnut / Ash – black





110 × 110 × 4 cm / 60 × 60 × 4 cm



Homeblend offers opportunities for customization of our products.
All our designs can be custom tailored according to particular customers’ needs and in line with applicable architectural and
interior design standards. Custom designs include reconfiguration
of a product’s dimensions and apply only for special orders.