Dining Chair – Walnut

Combining impeccable craftsmanship with premium materials, this dining chair embodies the perfect fusion of comfort, practicality, and sheer elegance. Every intricate detail has been meticulously fashioned from solid wood, lending it a seamless, natural aesthetic while ensuring unparalleled durability. The wooden legs not only guarantee sta bility but also offer practicality, while the gracefully arched backrest provides comprehensive support and unwavering comfort.

Blending traditional design with contemporary elements that harmonize with modern lifestyles, this chair seamlessly complements any interior. Skillfully handcrafted from a selection of steamed European walnut, it provides a range of options to choose from, allowing you to find the perfect combination for your home.




Steamed European Walnut | Also available in Ash and Oak


Oil / Varnish


53 × 49 × 78 cm




Homeblend offers opportunities for customization of our products.

All our designs can be custom-tailored according to particular customers’ needs and in line with applicable architectural and interior design standards.

Custom designs include reconfiguration of a product’s dimensions and apply only for special orders.