Dining Chair with Armrest – Walnut

Made of pure wood, this dining chair is specially designed to provide comfort and enjoyment, filling the space with a recognizable aesthetic. The finely crafted seat is perfectly balanced by wooden legs that give it a traditional character and increase stability.

However, the trademark of this chair is its armrest, giving it a distinctive silhouette and fostering practicality. With its original concept, this piece ideally combines a traditional wooden chair with contemporary design principles, giving it universality in the interior.

By choosing walnut you will authentically transform your dining room, making it evergreen in style and sophistication. One chair will intrigue the room, the whole set will ennoble it, and the ideal combination will permanently turn it into a masterpiece of modern life.




Steamed European Walnut | Also available in Oak and Ash


Oil  /  Varnish


53 × 49 × 78 cm




Homeblend offers opportunities for customization of our products.

All our designs can be custom-tailored according to particular customers’ needs and in line with applicable architectural and interior design standards.

Custom designs include reconfiguration of a product’s dimensions and apply only for special orders.