Dining table with round legs

This round dining table sends a discreet greeting to everyone craving pure natural materials and truly savoring the moment. Its comfortable and flawless tabletop will easily host any friendly conversation, as well as cater a whole family meal. The round wooden legs branch subtly to the side, giving more space for sitting and comfortable access to the table. It is completely made of first-class wood, from which you can choose oak, steamed walnut or ash.

Specially designed to fit into any interior, this table perks up the living space with its natural energy. Combining master craftsmanship and design that never goes out of style, it can turn every corner into a centerpiece of your home. Perfectly practical, it is large enough to
host the whole family, and subtle enough to fit into any dining room.




Steamed European Walnut


Oil / Varnish



ø110 × 75 cm



Homeblend offers opportunities for customization of our products.
All our designs can be custom tailored according to particular customers’ needs and in line with applicable architectural and
interior design standards. Custom designs include reconfiguration
of a product’s dimensions and apply only for special orders.