Long dining table

A unique and striking table made from solid wood, expertly crafted to
fit perfectly into any dining room. Designed to refresh with elegance, and constructed to provide enough space, this table will comfortably host the whole family. Its oak tabletop attracts attention with its texture and subtle lines, dominating the space standing on solid wooden legs.

Combining classic design and compact craftsmanship, this table exudes warmth while discreetly suggesting refinement. The ideal solution for
all those who like to enjoy their dinner in elegant comfort, but also
for those who like to share a meal with style. It is easily combined
with elements of modern aesthetics, giving them a tone of
refinement and durability.




Oak / Steamed European Walnut / Ash – black


Oil / Varnish



180 × 90 × 75 cm



Homeblend offers opportunities for customization of our products.
All our designs can be custom tailored according to particular customers’ needs and in line with applicable architectural and
interior design standards. Custom designs include reconfiguration
of a product’s dimensions and apply only for special orders.